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Dr. Jai Govind Singh

Dr. Jai Govind Singh received his Ph.D. (2008), M. Tech. (2003) and B.E. (2001) degrees, from IIT Kanpur, IIT Roorkee, and MNNIT Allahabad, respectively, all in Electrical Power Engineering. Dr. Singh joined Asian Institute of Technology (AIT) in December 2009 and currently working as an Associate Professor and Energy Academic Program Chair in Department of Energy, Environment and Climate Change, SERD, AIT Thailand. Before joining AIT Bangkok, he has worked as a Postdoctoral research associate (2008-2009) at Royal Institute of Technology (KTH), Stockholm, Sweden followed by the University of Queensland, Brisbane, Australia, as a Postdoctoral Research Fellow in 2009. His teaching and research interests include power system planning, operation and control; Smart Grid and Microgrid; Electric vehicles and battery storage; deregulation; solar and wind integration; power distribution system planning.

Dr. Singh has supervised six doctoral dissertations and 48 master theses besides involved as a committee member of more than 130 other master/doctoral thesis works completed in last ten years. He has published more than 84 articles in different international journals (27) and international conference proceedings (57) including IEEE, Elsevier, IET, John Wiley & Sons Ltd, and Taylor & Francis etc. He has been involved in different research/development projects (16) sponsored by international donors/agencies. Further, he has successfully organized an international conference ICUE2018 apart from technical members of several other conferences. He has been regularly invited and participated in different international conferences and training programs as keynote (8) and expert (30+) speakers. He is also senior member of IEEE Power and Energy System. For more details, Click here

Mr. Farhad Safi

Mr. Farhad Safi is an alumnus of Singhad College of Engineering, Pune (2010-2014). He worked for 3 year for German International Cooperation Agency (GIZ) as sanitation program coordinator and as well as served as water supply and sanitation advisor to the Ministry of Urban Development and Housing (MUDH), Afghanistan.

He is currently participant of the first specialized M.Sc. Sanitation Program in the World at the UNESCO-IHE Delft Institute for Water Education, Netherlands. He is also presently advising the Water Program of GIZ on their sanitation sector interventions. Mr. Farhad has profound experience in the field of wastewater management and sanitation for developing countries.